Building a community bank on Bitcoin and Lightning

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet is helping bring the vision of a sustainable Bitcoin economy to fruition.

About Bitcoin Beach

Bitcoin Beach is an initiative designed to create a sustainable Bitcoin economy – utilizing the Lightning Network. The project is based in El Zonte, a town of roughly 3,000 residents on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador.

A community bank, built on Bitcoin and Lightning

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet is the first implementation of Galoy software. It was designed as an open source Bitcoin-based community banking solution to meet the needs of the merchants and community members in El Zonte.

App Features

Shared custody

Double entry
accounting ledger

Resilient architecture
built with Kubernetes

The iOS and Android mobile apps provide:

Seamless options to pay via Lightning invoice, BTC (on chain) or using individual usernames (within the app).

Prices displayed and denominated in either USD or sats.
Easy-to-use, mobile friendly integrated maps — showing all local businesses that accept Lightning payments.

Product Proof of Concept

The Bitcoin Beach pilot project is the first step in our B2B strategy to support any company or community to self-organize as their own bank.
The app makes it easy to pay via Bitcoin address, Lightning invoice or individual username.
It provides a unified balance of BTC and Lightning Network, showing your balance in both USD and sats.
A transaction log displays a history of payments between users.
The mobile friendly map displays all local businesses that accept Lightning payments.
Since its launch in October 2020, our mobile app has more than 6,000 registered users.

From local initiative to legal tender

What started as a pilot project in 2019 morphed into onboarding a country to Bitcoin by 2021. Hear the key lessons and takeaways Galoy learned while building the Bitcoin Beach Wallet in El Zonte.

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Hyperbitcoinize with Galoy

Whether you are looking for a full Bitcoin Banking Infrastructure solution or you have questions about how to use our software, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can also reach out to us on Twitter, Slack and GitHub.