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Enable Lightning payments and build bitcoin banks on an open source core banking platform.

Bitcoin-native banking software for organizations

Galoy builds infrastructure that helps organizations onboard to bitcoin and Lightning. The GaloyMoney open source core banking platform includes a secure backend API, mobile wallets, point of sale apps, an accounting ledger and administrative controls.

Join us in building a bridge towards a more open and inclusive global financial system.

Salvadoran boy showing his phone screen with the Bitcoin Beach app by Galoy

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet, built by Galoy, helped unlock a circular bitcoin economy in El Zonte and beyond. (Read lessons learned)

How the Bitcoin Beach Wallet API is used to accept payments on the Lightning Network

API for enabling Lightning Network payments

Connect to Lightning quickly without the lift of deploying a core banking ledger. The Galoy API offers organizations a quick way to get started building on the Galoy banking stack.

Benefits of using the Galoy API through existing bitcoin banks:

  • Quick integration
  • No lock-in
  • Future proof, built on open source
  • Bitcoin banks running on Galoy:

  • Bitcoin Beach Wallet (BBW)
  • Bitcoin Jungle App
  • Core banking platform for launching a bitcoin bank

    Running an instance of the Galoy core banking platform enables organizations to reduce reliance on third parties.

    The platform also reduces the development burden of building on bitcoin via a suite of tools such as apps for consumers, merchants and administrators, an accounting ledger, an open API and multi-signature setup for secure custody of funds.

    View developer docs and check out /GaloyMoney on GitHub

    Galoy Cloud-native Lightning Developer Platform

    The Galoy Lightning Developer Platform
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    Frontend applications that support bitcoin adoption

    Companies, cities, community projects and countries building on the Galoy platform can customize, deploy and contribute to a growing list of useful features:

  • Lightning wallet with education, a merchant map and Lightning address
  • Web wallet for use in-browser across devices
  • Merchant point of sale applications for accepting bitcoin
  • Send from and receive to USD accounts over Lightning using Stablesats
  • Marketplace for finding merchants and connecting buyers with sellers
  • Integrations with popular apps, bitcoin ATMs and hardware signing devices
  • Hyperbitcoinize with Galoy

    Whether you're an organization looking to plug into the Lightning network or an open source contributor seeking to build a better financial system, we'd love to hear from you.