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An open source Bitcoin banking solution for communities and institutions​

Launch a community bank with Galoy

Implementing the Galoy banking solution offers access to an ever-growing list of features and benefits.

  • Faster, cheaper transactions by enabling a mix of on-chain, Lightning, and intraledger transfers
  • Denominate transactions in fiat using realtime price conversions to supported currencies
  • Find merchants to spend with on a local area map
  • Administer & provide support via interactive dashboards
  • Visualize performance with realtime charts and graphs

Built for scale and growth

The core Galoy backend API and supporting products make setting up and managing scalable, secure financial services on Bitcoin straightforward.

Reliable tech stack

Utilize modern languages like NodeJS, ReactJS and GraphQL that make products easy to develop with and build strong teams around.

Horizontal scaling

Take advantage of Kubernetes auto-scaling functionality to build infrastructure that can scale efficiently as your user base grows.

Robust feature set

Build on proven, open source infrastructure that is improving and growing every day with contributions from the Bitcoin developer community.

Choose where you want to host

You can have a fully hosted setup managed by Galoy or opt to self-host the backend API in an environment of your choice.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model

Galoy can host your backend implementation, manage nodes, and provision liquidity.

Self-hosted infrastructure

You may install the open source components available on GitHub.

Hyperbitcoinize with Galoy

Whether you are looking for a full Bitcoin Banking Infrastructure solution or you have questions about how to use our software, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can also reach out to us on
Twitter, Mattermost and GitHub.