Bitcoin banking infrastructure for communities and institutions

Offering financial services on Bitcoin and Lightning is made easy with open source software from Galoy.

Enabling the world to use Bitcoin as money

We believe Bitcoin will win the battle for money over IP (MOIP). That’s why we’re building products that enable communities of any type or size to self-organize as a Bitcoin-based community bank.

Bitcoin Beach: From local initiative to legal-tender in two years

Galoy launched the Bitcoin Beach Wallet in 2020 to help develop a sustainable Bitcoin economy in El Zonte, El Salvador. When La Ley Bitcoin (the “Bitcoin Law”) was passed in June 2021, the Bitcoin Beach Wallet was thrust into the spotlight, skyrocketing to tens of thousands of users overnight.

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Hyperbitcoinize with Galoy

Whether you are looking for a full Bitcoin Banking Infrastructure solution or you have questions about how to use our software, we look forward to hearing from you.

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