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Man in el salvador using bitcoin for payments with the lightning network

banking infrastructure for organizations

The Galoy open source core banking platform is designed for launching enterprise-scale Bitcoin and Lightning applications.

Bitcoin for Companies

Accelerate development of Bitcoin banking solutions with self-hosted infrastructure or “Banking-as-a-Service” managed implementation.

Community Lightning Wallet

Launch a Bitcoin community bank using the same shared custody model and easy-to-use Lightning wallet that helped Bitcoin Beach build a circular economy.

Government Bitcoin Adoption

Use proven infrastructure to provide 21st century financial services directly to any constituent with a mobile phone and internet connection.

Cell phone with Bitcoin Beach wallet mobile app built by Galoy

We believe
Bitcoin is money.

That's why we build products that enable organizations of any type or size to create their own Bitcoin-based bank.

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet is helping bring the vision of a sustainable Bitcoin economy to fruition.

Sunset over the tropical Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador
A welcome sign at Bitcoin Beach, with directions to Hope House, Bitcoin Beach, Zontenos, Strike, and more
A vendor in Bitcoin Beach selling food and receiving payment via the Lightning Network

From local project to legal tender in two years.

Galoy launched the Bitcoin Beach Wallet in 2020 to help develop a sustainable Bitcoin economy in El Zonte, El Salvador. When La Ley Bitcoin (the “Bitcoin Law”) was passed in June 2021, the Bitcoin Beach Wallet was thrust into the spotlight, skyrocketing to tens of thousands of users overnight.

Hyperbitcoinize with Galoy

Whether you're an organization looking to plug into the Lightning network or an open source contributor seeking to build a better financial system, we'd love to hear from you.